Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight: 21 Days of Short Prayers, Declarations, Scriptures and Quotes for a Healthy Body, Spirit and Soul.


When it comes to our weight, more than achieve a number on the scale, we want to be FREE. Free from not only the physical weight but from the habits, emotional and spiritual issues that will ultimate result in us regaining that weight.



(Previously published as Reflections of God’s Love)
Pray Powerfully, Lose Weight is a beautiful collection of short inspiring weight-loss devotionals, prayers, declarations, scriptures, and quotes designed to teach you how to effectively pray your way through every aspect of your weight loss journey.
This is not just another book of prayers. It was birthed as the result seeing the power of prayer first-hand in the lives of tens of thousands of women. It’s an accumulation of studying all aspects of weight loss and recognizing that prayer can make all the difference but only when properly applied.
As you delve into the daily devotionals, you will experience God’s peace and presence as you spend time with Him in prayer bringing your weight loss desires to Him. You will believe that you can finally not only lose weight, but keep it off for good; You will begin to see prayer not as something you should do but as something you want to do. You will feel your faith rise and your fears decrease. You will gain the confidence to ‘ask whatever in His name, and believe He will do it’ (John 14:13).

What reviewers are saying
“This study/devotional has been life changing for me. I’m finally putting food on the alter and learning how to trust God with my food and weight loss! Thank you, Cathy Morenzie for writing this simple but profound book!” —Jane H (5 stars)
“This 21 day devotional has been such a blessing in more ways than just the number on the scale, or my clothing fitting looser. It has encouraged my walk with Jesus, getting closer to God and listening to the Holy Spirit,which has been so important to me. “ —Tanya (5 Stars)
“God opened a door for me with this devotional. It allowed me to see my life-long struggle with being overweight from a whole new perspective. It’s not just what I eat or don’t eat that is the problem, it’s why I do what I do, what is driving me to repeat patterns of poor eating. I am so thankful for Cathy and for this book!” —Susan D (5 stars)


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